The benefits of the exercise bike

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The exercise bike has been used in sports halls for many years. If the concept is known to everyone, imitating the functioning of a bicycle without having to ride, the benefits of this device on our body are much less obvious. Indeed, the exercise bike brings many more advantages than you might think. Owning one in your living room or even in your bedroom would be very advantageous, especially since the device has become very affordable, as you can see from our comparison.

How does an exercise bike work?

The exercise bike is designed to allow the user to ride a bike without having to go out and ride on the roads or tracks. This immobility is called a stationary bike. To do this, the device shares several elements with the usual bicycle such as the handlebars, pedals, saddle and frame. However, it will be deprived of wheels that will be replaced by bases that make it easier to attach to the ground. The exercise bike is also equipped with an inertia wheel connected to the bottom bracket. This wheel regulates the forces that the user will have to exert while pedalling. As with a bicycle, the handlebars and saddle height of the exercise bike are adjustable.

To be used in which settings?

The exercise bike is one of the sports equipment that is regularly found in fitness rooms. Indeed, cycling is an activity that is very often recommended in the same way as swimming. It can be practiced as part of a fitness and fitness session, in a weight training program or amateur or professional sports training.

The health benefits of a exercise bike

Physical activity is always beneficial for the body. The use of a home bike mainly helps you to exercise. Regular cycling improves the cardiovascular, respiratory and blood circulation systems. The blood that circulates better has a positive effect on the oxygenation of muscles and all organs.

Contrary to appearances, pedalling a home bike does not only strain the muscles of the lower limbs. The vast majority of the body’s muscles are required to work hard. This is why this device is also used by weight training and bodybuilding enthusiasts. However, it will be necessary to follow a more demanding program to build up your muscles with a exercise bike. In general, the use of a home bike tones muscles, gives them more flexibility and reactivity.

Cycling is also strongly recommended for overweight people. Indeed, the device allows you to burn a significant amount of calories depending on the efforts made. This helps to lose weight quickly. The body suspension also optimizes weight distribution. The user is then protected from certain injuries and traumas such as ankle, foot or knee injuries during running.

The choice of model

There are many models of exercise bikes developed by several brands. A non-exhaustive list is available on our website. These models can be classified into several ranges. The most basic indoor bicycles are designed for simple domestic use. They are therefore equipped with few accessories.

Other more efficient models make up the upper ranges and can be used by professionals such as cyclists who must follow an intensive and demanding training program. This category of exercise bicycles features several levels of effort and high-performance accessories that provide very accurate information such as heart rate.


The exercise bike brings many benefits to our body. In addition to increasing physical performance, this sports equipment is ideal for weight loss. Its adoption is particularly easy thanks to its ever more affordable price (especially when you buy a second-hand apartment bike) and the possibilities of home training it offers.